Kid’s Toy Organizer Set of 6 (SZ-551571)

Introducing the Kid’s Toy Organizer Set of 6, the perfect solution to keep your child’s toys neat and tidy. This set includes 6 toy storage organizers in assorted sizes. Made from durable non-woven material, these organizers are designed to last.

Package Contents

The package contains 6 pieces of toy storage organizers, making it easy to store and categorize your child’s toys.


Each set includes two different sizes of organizers:

  • Big Organizer: 12 x 16 x 12 inches
  • Small Organizer: 10 x 10 x 10 inches

Printed Design

These organizers feature a fun printed design that will appeal to children. They make cleaning up toys a breeze, and your child will enjoy using them.


Your order will be dispatched within 4-5 days, ensuring quick delivery to your doorstep.

Additional Benefits

Tired of picking up toys from every corner of your house? These storage boxes encourage your child to store their toys neatly on their own. It’s a mess-free solution that teaches responsibility.

These organizers are also easy to carry, allowing your child to take their favorite toys with them wherever they go without needing your assistance.

Kid’s Toy Organizer Set of 6 (SZ-551571)


Keep your child’s toys organized with this set of 6 toy storage organizers made from non-woven material.


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