Manual Gola Maker & Ice Crusher Hand Operated, Stainless Steel Blades (SZ-2390035)

Enhance your summer treats with our Manual Gola-Maker & Ice Crusher. Create delightful golas and perfectly crushed ice with ease. This appliance features stainless steel blades for efficient and hassle-free ice crushing.

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Discover the benefits of our manual gola-maker and ice crusher:

  • Constructed from virgin plastic, ensuring cleanliness and longevity.
  • It’s rust-resistant, convenient, and doesn’t require electricity, making it portable for outdoor use.
  • Material: ABS plastic with hardened stainless steel blades, providing sharp and efficient ice crushing.
  • Color: Multi (Sent based on stock availability)

Manual Gola Maker & Ice crusher Hand Operated, Stainless Steel Blades (SZ-2390035)


Make delicious golas and crushed ice with this manual gola maker. Stainless steel blades ensure efficiency.


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