Candy Maker Ice Pop Makers Reusable Ice Lolly Cream Mould

Discover the convenience of creating homemade frozen treats with the Candy Maker Ice Pop Makers. This set includes one piece of the ice pop maker set, constructed from durable plastic. The color is selected based on availability, and it has a weight of 250 grams, making it easy to handle.

Additional Information

  • You don’t need a dedicated ice cream making machine to enjoy frozen desserts. With these ice pop makers, preparing ice cream is a breeze. Just fill the moulds with your preferred ingredients and place them in the freezer. This versatile mould and maker set can produce 6 ice candies simultaneously.
  • The design of these ice pop moulds ensures user-friendliness and effortless cleaning. They feature a non-stick surface to prevent pops from tipping over during freezing. Once frozen, you can neatly store individual pops in the freezer, optimizing space usage. Plus, the moulds include a drip tray at their base, preventing messy hands.
  • These reusable ice pop makers open up a world of possibilities for creating natural frozen treats, including juice pops and yogurt with fruit. Enjoy the freedom to make your favorite frozen snacks with ease.

Candy Maker Ice Pop Makers Reusable Ice Lolly Cream Mould (SZ-2387860)


Craft your own frozen delights with these reusable Candy Maker Ice Pop Makers.


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